Kemesa LLC began operations in 2004. It was founded by Steve Bachenheimer who believed he had discovered a way to accomplish what experts have long acknowledged to be the only true solution to identity theft… do not give up sensitive personal information in the first place. A U.S. patent incorporating proprietary technologies in both information transmission and database management was applied for in 2005 (Identity Theft and Fraud Protection System and Method). The Company has its executive headquarters and dedicated Customer Service Center in South Florida. Its Secure Data Base and Operations facilities are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kemesa is a privately owned Delaware company that to date has raised over $5 million from individual investors. Over the past five years, the company has progressed through the development, proof of concept, software build and market testing phases. Scale-up for U.S. expansion began in June 2009. Because Kemesa’s technology is platform neutral and universally accessible it represents a new global standard positioned for international expansion into online, mobile and offline applications serving both consumers and businesses.

Kemesa is poised for dramatic growth and to become a large and profitable business. We invite you to participate in this success.