Market Proven

Kemesa has invested almost 5 years in the development of Shop Shield. It has gone through 4 core phases:

  1. Proof of Concept (Quantitative and qualitative research)
  2. Pilot Testing (Limited in-market “real world” use, 1,000 people)
  3. Beta Testing (Full-scale in-market use, Beta posting, no marketing)
  4. Expansion Scale-up (Full-scale in-market use, marketing supported)

At each stage of development we have carefully reviewed user experience and made major improvements. Although we have gone well beyond the Pilot test product adding important dimensions such as reusable vs. 1 time use purchasing, bill pay, non-transactional website registration and checking account payment method, the user responses obtained in Pilot test provide a good indication of Shop Shield’s potential. Here are some of the key metrics:

  • Percent interested in trying… 82%
  • Found extremely or very different… 75%
  • Liked substituting anonymous for real personal information… 75%
  • Satisfied with personal identity protection… 85%
  • Satisfied with usage experience… 72%
  • Percent of triers who chose to purchase after 60 days… 72%
  • Percent of total purchases made using Shop Shield… 62%

Based on these results we proceeded to Beta testing but added the previously mentioned enhancements that should only strengthen Shop Shield’s trial and use levels.

In Beta testing we for the first time, tested the data management system we will use with scale-up. Beta testing of the Shop Shield web site began in March 2008 and has now been exposed to hackers and fraudsters for 15 months. During this time we have witnessed over 200,000 attempted attacks on our data management system without even 1 successful penetration.