Shop Shield consists of two components that work closely together to provide everything the user needs to achieve a safe online transaction without compromising ease and convenience of use. The first component is a browser add-on we call “The Companion” because it comes up in the left sidebar next to the website and enables the user to anonymously enter the information the website requires.

The second component is the secure (https) part of the website which we call the “Member site”. This stores and organizes all transactional and user account information and also provides Help (First use orientation, demonstration movies, FAQs) to the user. It also can be used to initiate Shop Shield transactions from any location.

The Companion currently is available on Firefox (PC and Mac versions). However the Internet Explorer version will be available later this summer. For PC users that do not have and do not wish to download Firefox, Shop Shield can be used from the Member site.

Using Shop Shield is easy, especially with the Companion, and does not vary much from how users currently make purchases, pay bills or register at websites. Here are the basic steps:

  • Go to the website you wish to shop at, select the item, go to checkout
  • The Companion will come up automatically at major websites
  • The Companion will ask you to login and then a few questions
    • What kind of anonymous card do you want to use
      (1 time, reusable or travel)
    • Where you want the purchase shipped to
      (you can add one)
    • Which of your registered payment methods you want to use
      (you can add one)
  • It will then auto-fill the required information
  • When the purchase is completed you will get the usual confirming email with a Shop Shield notice telling you it has been checked and is genuine/clean
  • When you go to the Member site you will find all transaction details
  • The Member site will track the status of the charge for the purchase