Shop Shield is Kemesa’s Internet version of its new global standard in secure transacting. We chose the Internet as our first entry because about 60% of all identity theft starts on the internet (FTC) and because it is commonplace for people to give up their personal and financial information when shopping, paying bills or registering at websites. There also are other identity theft vulnerabilities unique to the Internet such as phishing and spam, which Shop Shield overcomes.

Every time someone shops or pays a bill online, personal identity information is sent and then stored in a database. This is where critical information is stolen – usually by people who work on the inside, and who have access to the databases. Shop Shield replaces ALL this information with anonymous data, substituting billing information (including your name), email addresses, passwords, user names and credit numbers that can’t be traced back to the user. Real personal identity information never gets sent to the web site’s database, so there’s nothing of any value to steal.

In addition to this core capability, we protect against theft and fraud by verifying both the user and their computer before allowing access. The latter is achieved by sending a virtual token to the user’s registered email address each time the computer’s IP address (location) changes. The user must enter the token number to complete login. We also review every email received from web sites where they use Shop Shield to be sure it is not a phishing site and remove any malware before sending it to the user’s inbox. Finally, if a merchant ever begins to spam a user he can deactivate the email dedicated to that merchant without affecting other incoming emails.

While Shop Shield is unique in its ability to protect sensitive personal and financial information by not having its users transmit it in the first place, this is only half of the challenge. The other half is to securely manage its user’s
sensitive information. Kemesa does this with a patent pending architecture that provides database security that exceeds federal banking standards. The end result of this design is to preclude the need for any central database and render all data stored useless even if were all stolen.

These unique advantages significantly exceed the benefits offered by competitive identity theft protection products, and set a new global standard because they are available from any computer or browser and can be used at virtually any web site. When it comes to making payments online, Shop Shield can be used wherever credit cards are accepted and users can charge their payments to any major debit card, major credit card or checking account.