Data breaches threaten consumers, companies and countries

Today’s records management systems have not kept up with the sophistication of database hackers and their malicious attacks. In 2009 an astounding 223 million data files were compromised including breaches at the Department of Defense, Department of Commerce and U.S. Military records (Source: Identity Theft Resource Center, January 2010)

The Data Shield™ Solution

Kemesa LLC (An acronym for KEeps ME SAfe) has developed a patent pending database security system for its consumer product Shop Shield® that, for the first time, eliminates central databases and renders stolen data useless even if all the database servers are stolen. Over the course of less than a year this system has been attacked over 2 million times without a single successful unauthorized access.

Having proven the effectiveness of the system, Kemesa is ready to begin development of Data Shield applications that will provide a new standard in database protection for organizations in both the public and private sectors.

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What are the Advantages of a Data Shield Security System?

A Data Shield security system offers many important benefits:

  • Fragmentation of data into multiple databases insures the data can only be accessed through authorized channels, and that none of the data has any meaning if stolen or back-ups are misplaced.
  • The dynamic encryption employed is unique to each data owner’s identification. Independent access by a third party requires the registration of that party as a qualified data owner.
  • A single Data Shield security system can manage multiple databases without compromising the security of any one of them.
  • Passive monitoring together with 24/7 Data Shield Control Center administration provides unique out-of-bounds protection.
  • Data Shield security systems are custom-designed to meet the specific database security needs of each client. Yet, their cost is usually well below systems that provide far less protection.