Kemesa’s revenue plan assumes that 70% of its business will be realized through offering partnerships. This reflects a fundamental commitment to the advantages of building our business primarily through trust-based partnerships (e.g., Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance companies). Kemesa’s partnership program seeks to establish mutually beneficial and rewarding relations by following these principles:

  • Customization – Kemesa recognizes that its partners' businesses and priorities will vary significantly. We therefore have structured a program designed to be highly flexible in fitting the needs of our partners.
  • Revenue Sharing – In recognition of the increased cost efficiency and customer access achieved through offering partnerships our partnership programs offer the opportunity for revenue sharing. This, however, is also a mutual benefit as we expect to participate in proven reductions in fraud costs attributable to Shop Shield. A variety of approaches to revenue sharing are incorporated into our programs reflecting the variability in partnership situations.
  • Turnkey Execution – Kemesa provides the wherewithal to execute partnership involvements with an absolute minimum of effort by our partners. This includes customized database management, creation of partner-specific landing pages and program implementation.
  • Marketing Expertise – We employ a staff of experts who are highly experienced in customized design of partnership programs with trust-based companies, and in training partner personnel to assure successful implementation.