From its inception the company has been well served by an Advisory Board consisting of a core of permanent members and supplemented by the periodic involvement of managers with specific expertise to help address issues as they are confronted. Listed below are the 3 remaining permanent members of the Advisory Board, one of whom (Tom Stockham) is expected to become a member of the Board of Directors upon his return from Europe.

Robert Herbold

Veteran of Procter & Gamble and Microsoft, Bob Herbold has a genius for streamlining operations, as well as extraordinary experience in the fundamental factors affecting employee and corporate performance. As such, Bob has and will continue to provide invaluable perspectives as Kemesa develops from a start-up to a going business.

Hired by Bill Gates in 1994 to fix Microsoft’s operational challenges without disturbing the creative processes that have made the company so successful, Bob was responsible for finance, manufacturing and distribution, information systems, human resources, corporate marketing, market research and public relations over a period of eight years. Profits increased dramatically during his tenure.

At Procter & Gamble for twenty-six years, Bob held an unusually broad portfolio of senior leadership positions that included Vice President of Market Research and Chief Information Officer. He served his last five years as Senior Vice President for Marketing and Information Services where he was responsible for worldwide advertising, brand management, media and television program production, while also having the heads of market research and information technology reporting to him.

Bob is the author of Seduced by Success: How the Best Companies Survive the 9 Traps of Winning, and The Fiefdom Syndrome. He founded the Herbold Group, LLC; a consulting business focused on strategy and profitability issues, with deep expertise in operations and marketing. He serves on the boards of several major corporations and nonprofit organizations. Bob holds a Masters degree in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University.

Thomas Stockham

Tom Stockham is a market savvy, results-oriented manager who brings outstanding expertise to Kemesa in Internet-based business development. Most importantly, he has direct experience in managing an early stage Internet-based business through the challenges of developing its infrastructure as the business grows.

From September 2001 to April 2005 Mr. Stockham served as the CEO and President of, Inc. (now known as The Generations Network), the world’s leading provider of online media and subscription services for family genealogy and family web sites. Under his leadership the company grew to more than 750,000 subscribers and more than $140 million in revenue. Prior to Mr. Stockham was President of, the world’s leading event ticketing company. He also was one of the original general managers of, the world’s leading online city guide. Mr Stockham also founded Sonic Innovations, a publicly traded hearing health company that features products and services for the hearing impaired, leading the company from start-up through series B funding.

Tom serves on the board of directors of several web-based services companies, including Spark Networks, IBFX, Prosper Learning, and 3point5. Mr. Stockham is an avid biker and “outdoorsman”. He holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford University where he periodically lectures and teaches.

Jeffrey Goldstein

Jeff is a 20+ year management and marketing executive with a proven track record of driving growth through strategic insight and creativity. Mr. Goldstein brings a broad range of experience including recent involvement in managing a start-up business. Currently, he is President & CEO of Ingenuity Advisors LLC, a strategic growth advisory specializing in strategic direction and innovation, and whose clients range in size from $1 million to $20 billion.

Through consulting engagements spanning over 35 product categories and 8 trade channels, Jeff has mastered the best-in-class approach and principles required by Fortune 500 companies and the entrepreneurial resourcefulness, speed and cost-efficiency required by startups. Prior to these engagements, Jeff was a brand management executive at Procter & Gamble where he drove profitable growth brands in the Health Care Division in the 80s and 90s.

Jeff sits on the board of HomeServicesLink. His current and recent clients range from consumer products manufacturers to advertising agencies, to emergency room software and more. Mr. Goldstein resides in Cincinnati with his wife and two daughters.

In addition to these permanent members, the Advisory Board also includes non-permanent members who are called upon for their specific expertise to help address business issues and opportunities as they occur. Currently Mr. Jay Foley, Executive Director of the Identity Theft Resource Center, Brian Merrill of FamaPR, and Charles Cameron of Cooley Godward Kronish are serving as non-permanent members.